DIY CVT Filter Change and Flush

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Also I flushed a lot more then was written. I used a full 12 quarts through the whole process. Which is more then needed. But I had it laying around.
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Is that okay flashing only by draining without change filter and o-ring?
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Motasem wrote:Is that okay flashing only by draining without change filter and o-ring?
Doing a drain and fill, without touching the filters is certainly fine. Although you'll only be changing about 40% of the fluid that way (about 4 quarts out of nearly 9 quarts total). Be sure that you refill with the same amount of fluid you drained out, the CVT can be quite sensitive to proper fluid level.
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Thank you for the writeup!
What is the size of the barb fitting? and the line out? 1 inch?
Any clear tubing (from a Home Depot plumbing Dept.) would do?

15) You've now removed the return line from the cooler This is the line you will use to pump out the old fluid. Install a double-ended barb fitting to the return line and run another line to a receptacle marked with fluid capacity. I used an empty gallon windshield washer fluid bottle that I marked with quarts.
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