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 #52028  by LifeBlind
 Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:53 pm
Awesome! Thanks for all the info! I’m definitely a DIY kind of person. Been a “shade tree” mechanic my whole life. I don’t have all the fancy tools and equipment a garage mechanic would have, but I’d much rather at least try to fix it myself and not break the bank.
I recently had a friend tell me that usually headlight bulbs failing often is a result of bad grounds. Such as the factory grounding the wires to a painted surface. Since basically every Kizashi (and Suzuki’s in general it seems) has this issue, I would think someone would have checked the grounds to see if that is the problem by now, but I’ve not seen anything about it. I will be checking mine when I replace my bulbs.
Any recommendations on LED conversion kits?