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 #39387  by jmilne
 Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:57 pm
Hello all. Long time forum lurker here (so thank you for the great info on the Kizashi). The Kizashi has been one of the best cars I've had for an everyday car that is also fun to drive, and I've had quite a few good ones. While it's not perfect, it still impresses and surprises me after three years of ownership. It's actually the first car I haven't had the "mod bug" for, and felt more like I'd ruin the balance of the car if I started swapping things out (not that there are many aftermarket parts available to swap!). I did spec out and install a custom cat back though, my take on what a factory sport exhaust should have been, which really completed the car for me.

Unfortunately I'm at a point where I'm considering selling the Kizashi as I really could use the extra money for a few business ventures and have another reliable car available. I'll post details in the classified section, though I wouldn't be sad if it didn't sell. ;)

I hope you're all getting a lot of enjoyment out of your Kizashis. I was really sad that the model didn't have more time to mature/evolve. While I haven't driven a non-GTS/manual version, the GTS really is sublime and Suzuki did a fantastic job engineering the car. Now only if they'd put more effort into the paint...