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Introduce yourself here, also we will post links to topics we find the most valuable on the forum to help out new members.
 #48507  by Autumnslr
 Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:48 am
Hi folks! I'm new to the site. I own a 2014 Suzuki Kizashi.
Hoping we can be a happy group members and sharing the same interest here as i do .
Thanks for letting me join.
Kind regards
 #48508  by KuroNekko
 Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:48 am
If you like the Kizashi, then you are home.
I take it you are not in the US or Canada if you have a model year 2014 Kizashi.
 #48540  by Raf6186
 Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:06 am
Good morning all, New member to the site I purchased a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi. I live in the Derby East Midlands area. Not seen another Kizashi on the road since my purchase 6 months ago. Didn't know there was an owners club. Very happy over all, am like a kiddie in a sweet shop every time I start it and go for a drive, lots admiring looks. I gave had people ask me what car it is many times.
 #48541  by Woodie
 Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:26 am
Welcome Raf6186!

I spent some time in Chesterfield so I'm vaguely familiar. Pretty scenery and nice roads in between towns out that way.