Kizashi Recall (Shifting out of Park issue for Automatics)

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Anyone have this done yet? Got the notice yesterday. I dont think i want to unless they replace the whole knob, mine has a little tear in the leather.
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Doubt that they'll even touch the knob, this is a problem down below.
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My dealer did the recall work today. They had the Kizzie from 08:00 to 13:00. (I don't know, of course, how long the actual work took). Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems to me that moving the shift lever into "Park" encounters a bit of resistance at the end of the movement. I am happy to report that I observed no scratches!

Like others who commented on this topic, I was at first reluctant to have it done. Then I realized I'd be in a pickle if I didn't have it done and something went wrong afterwards.
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Just got this
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I got it, too. There is a thread about it in the News forum.
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So from reading all your comments I'm a bit confused.

According to the recall letter the shifter can fly out of park and the car can roll away. Sounds bad.

According to your posts the car will not come out if park on its own.....

Its a pretty long drive to my closet dealer and a three hour wait so I would like some clarity on this please.
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It basically means that you can force the shifter out of Park breaking the brake interlock mechanism. Once broken, you can move the shifter from Park to any other gear without stepping on the brake first which removes the interlock. It's not going to shift on it's own. You'd still have to move it, maybe even still pressing the button. The recall doesn't say that the button the shifter is broken. The point is that the interlock with the brake is broken, not the button to move it out of Park.
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Read the letter again. It's only a remote possibility if you're a buffoon and break the shift lock.
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They ain't touchin' my car unless something is broke......
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bootymac wrote:Read the letter again. It's only a remote possibility if you're a buffoon and break the shift lock.
:lol: Pretty much how I attempted to explain it in an earlier post.

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