Suzuki returning to USA

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Now that is a Suzuki! That's the new Suzuki Ignis. Behind that looks to be a new Swift. However, given that there's a Renault there too, I suspect these cars are headed for Mexico which is the only North American country that currently sells new Suzukis and Renaults. I'm thinking the ship carrying these had some USDM cars to drop off.
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More pictures (cropped snaps as I drove by) - covered badges on the front, but yesterday at least some of them were showing Suzuki's "S" logo.
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That does look like a Renault, and maybe a Peugeot behind the Suzuki. The Suzuki is an Ignus, a city car one step below the Swift. Has a 1.2 liter engine and can be had all the way up to an AWD hybrid.

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Any further news about this topic? I would love to hear suzuki is making a comback...
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sgtsampay wrote:Any further news about this topic? I would love to hear suzuki is making a comback...
No, I don't think so. They don't even make the kinds of vehicles popular in America right now (midsize CUVs and larger SUVs) and have focused on small cars particularly in Asia. In my opinion, I don't think Suzuki will come back for decades. If there is any hope for a Suzuki product in American showrooms again, it would probably be through a company merger like with Nissan or Toyota and that company bringing the Suzuki vehicle over under their brand.
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Just wanted to clarify that suzuki is still selling in most of the countries which make up the North American continent.

FWIW rumors are that suzuki is #2 in Costa Rica (Toyota is #1)

Its actually pretty cool to see more suzuki than Hondas and Nissans for once :D
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Defo dark blue Ignis, also light blue Swift.
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Got a kick a few years ago when we went to Barbados and saw car rental companies advertising that they have Suzuki vehicles for rent, among no other advertised nameplates. That's respect!
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maxim.poddubny wrote:I had just spotted a number of brand new Suzuki cars (I think all Swifts) in Maher terminal in Newark. Some on the ground, some on a car carrier. Did not think to take a picture until I was gone, but my dashcam did pick up the car carrier (the cars on the ground were too far). Dashcam cropped snapshot attached. All in all maybe two dozen cars on the ground and on the carrier.
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When I was in Bermuda in February, I stopped in at their only Suzuki dealer. They told me that Suzuki uses a storage area at a port in New Jersey to stage new Suzuki's coming into Bermuda (and probably other Suzuki Caribbean countries). What you saw was not Suzuki's coming to the USA, but only passing through. Sorry. I wish it were true too, but I've heard nothing about their return either.
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Actually, I heard very recently that they're likely going to do a partnership with Toyota for small AWD vehicles/SUV's. They'll have Toyota badges and Toyota price tags though.. So, the only benefits you'll get is Suzuki Quality with Toyota's service. lol
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