scam alert (possibly)

Rate the seller and buyer. For transactions with other forum members, please display their user name only. For transactions with retailers, you are welcome to provide as much information as you like.
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hi, pretty sure user NitroWade is a scammer. he created his account 2 days ago, has only one post, and told me that he has a kizashi hood to sell me. not only was he going to sell it to me for 200 dollars but from from 'far away' to duluth for 50 dollars shipping? immediately suspicious considering the hood is a huge thing to mail.
not only that but he refused to tell me where he is or any other information untill after i pay him. and lastly he said the only way he would accept payment is by a paypal to his wife and not only that but to use a method called 'friends and family' that way there isnt any recourse to take if he doesnt send the hood becuase that is the only payment method that isnt insured with payment protection from paypal.
so watch out in case this dude messages anyone else, and if for whatever reason if i learn that i was wrong ill take this post down. thanks.
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It's mind blowing. Thank you for the info !
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