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 #19916  by Firefly
 Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:07 pm
I just had one sensor replaced. I brought the wheel to a tire shop for the install, and remounted the wheel at home. The system needs to learn the new sensor. I really don't want to go to the dealer first. I will visit a shop that will give it a try but of course when I mention its a Suzuki Kizashi they scratch their heads. Anyway - has anyone had this done - what was your experience and cost? Any techs out there that can contribute any knowledge?
 #19944  by 11zukizashi
 Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:29 am
I just did this and got it to work at a shop with a snap on tpms tool. the tool says see oem at first. just pres yes and it will continue into activate mode. next on the car set the ignition to on and press the rubber drivers side door button 3 times, twice for 2 seconds and then once for 4 seconds. the tpms light should flash with 2 consecutive flashes. now scan all 4 tires with the tool and you should be good to go. we tried this a few times before it worked. if it doesnt work right away try changing your timing. good luck. suzuki didnt make it easy.
 #19963  by Firefly
 Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:10 am
Thanks. I know a good shop that's willing to give it a try.
 #22176  by SamirD
 Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:36 am
FINALLY! I just saw this procedure in the service manual. Now I can just do it myself and order the wheels and tires I want without dealing with a dealer. Thank God!

You should be able to use the ATEQ VT30, which is just under $200 and do it yourself on any car out there (charge your friends $10, hehe). They also make a (VT15 $130+/-) that might work. I'm going to call ATEQ tomorrow and find out.

From the Service manual:
Not using SUZUKI scan tool
1. Confirm that all doors are closed and ignition mode of keyless push start system is "OFF".
2. Open driver side door.
3. Perform the following Steps a) to c) within 15 seconds after ignition mode in "ON".
a. Press driver side door switch by hand within 5 seconds after ignition mode in "ON". Keep pressing driver side door switch for 2 seconds.
b. Release driver side door switch and then press driver side door switch for 2 seconds or more by hand.
c. Release driver side door switch and then press driver side door switch for 2 - 5 seconds by hand.
4. Using recommended tool ("VT55" made by ATEQ) (1), activate each tire pressure sensor within 180 seconds. [the vt55 is $1000 and can hook up to the obd2 to do the learning directly]
Refer to instruction of recommended tool for method of activating tire pressure sensor.

 When tire pressure sensor is activated, ID code of tire pressure sensor is registered automatically in keyless start control module.
 If all 4 tire pressure sensor ID codes are not registered in keyless start control module within 180 seconds, perform the above steps again. Also, it is possible to check the number of tire pressure sensor ID codes received by keyless start control module by observing the flashing pattern of low tire pressure warning light.
 If registration of tire pressure sensor ID codes are not completed within 180 seconds, former ID codes remain in keyless start control module.
 When keyless start control module receives all 4 tire pressure sensor ID codes, keyless start control module turns ON low tire pressure warning light in combination meter for 5 seconds.

5. Push engine switch to change ignition mode to "OFF" after registration is completed.
 #22243  by Firefly
 Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:18 am
The tool may work for the "newer" sensors, but might not for the older OEM sensors Kizashis came with. I had to replace a sensor when the stem cracked, and I picked up a Continental unit myself. ($35 vs. $150 the service dept estimated). A local tire shop could pick it up with their tool, but it would not read the three OEM sensors. Just my experience...
 #22251  by SamirD
 Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:59 am
Thank you for sharing this Firefly! This is really important information since I was planning on using oem sensors.

According to the factory service manual, the ATEQ VT55 is needed to trigger/read the sensor IDs, which can be done by the VT30 (trigger/display), and VT15 (trigger only).

What brand tool did the shop have? I know Bartec is fairly popular and seems to have similar functionality. What's strange is that all sensors are supposed to have the same trigger frequency. I don't understand what happened that the shop couldn't trigger the other sensors.

Maybe I'll have to pick up the VT30 locally and see if it can read my existing sensors before I get Suzuki sensors.
 #22268  by SamirD
 Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:04 pm
I spoke with ATEQ this morning again as well as the Suzuki dealership in Kansas that blew out their all-weather mat inventory on here.

ATEQ mentioned that all sensors have a standard frequency, so there shouldn't be any issue. The Kansas Suzuki dealership stopped using factory sensors and is only using aftermarket and didn't need to change their tpms tool.

I don't know why your other 3 sensors couldn't be activated, but that shouldn't have been the case.
 #34272  by SamirD
 Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:08 pm
To update this DIY thread, the ATEQ VT30 can trigger the sensors as required in the service manual procedure, but there is an even easier way. You can let out 5psi in a tire to trigger the sensor.

Happy Reprogramming!