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 #38065  by KansasKid
 Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:36 pm
Apparently, Suzuki wanted to re-badge the Jetta Hybrid, and sell it in the US. I wonder if they would have started selling Jetta Hybrids as Kizashi Hybrids here in the NA markets? ... in-the-us/
 #38075  by KuroNekko
 Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:47 pm
I think it would have been a different car from the Kizashi. It would have been something like the Forenza was to the Verona back when Suzukis were rebadged Daewoos.
That being said, I understand why Suzuki desperately wanted VW's cars. It was costing them a lot to get their Japan-built cars to US specs and they didn't have advanced powertrain technologies. They didn't even have direct injection when they still sold cars in the US. Meanwhile, VW is well known for making all kinds of interesting and advanced engines. However, I don't understand why Suzuki valued a hybrid model. There are only three companies that even make hybrids worth buying and that's Toyota, Honda, and Ford. No one else makes very competitive hybrids and even Honda had disappointing results with their now-gone Insight. Mazda is wise to avoid the technology and Subaru is learning that their only hybrid, the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, is a flop compared to their regular gassers. Given Suzuki is a small car maker, focusing on the Swift for the US market would have been much wiser while meeting corporate fuel economy specs, IMO.

I personally don't understand why Suzuki always wanted to join up with foreign companies with different values and goals. Mazda and Subaru have linked up with Toyota and have seen a positive outcome. I personally think Nissan would have been the company to link up with given Nissan has a tiny kei-car market presence in the JDM (something Suzuki dominates) and while I've never visited India, I bet their market share is nothing like Suzuki's over there. Suzuki could have saved Nissan some capital and investment in relaunching their entry-level Datsun brand in developing markets.

Well, given this denouement, it's clear to me that Suzuki will very likely not return to the US market and focus on markets in Asia which is actually growing. They will be like Daihatsu and Isuzu which are forgotten brands in America, but rather ubiquitous in Asia.
 #38085  by KansasKid
 Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:51 pm
The pursuit of Jetta hybrids does seem like a bit of a misstep, since the Jetta Hybrids aren't selling particuarly well in the U.S. Maybe they were after an excuse to to try and get their hands on the 1.4 L TSI engines...?
 #38111  by LPSISRL
 Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:41 pm
Don't forget that sometimes a hybrid model is a necessary evil for a car company to make so that average MPG regulations are met to keep them from getting huge fines. I believe that was actually the purpose of the Insight.
 #38112  by KuroNekko
 Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:07 pm
LPSISRL wrote:Don't forget that sometimes a hybrid model is a necessary evil for a car company to make so that average MPG regulations are met to keep them from getting huge fines. I believe that was actually the purpose of the Insight.

But Honda already has some of the most fuel efficient engines. Not to mention, some companies don't even have any hybrids including FCA and Mazda. I believe what matters is overall corporate fuel efficiency scores. If a company focuses on primarily small engines (like Suzuki) then a hybrid isn't really necessary. This is the route Mazda took and all of their engines are 4 cylinder now. Even the CX-9 will soon be redesigned with a turbo four given the current V6 in it is Ford-sourced.
I truly believe the Insight was developed as a "me-too" hybrid to rival the Prius but it was inferior in every way. Hyundai is supposedly going to release their version of a Prius soon but I'm wary given Honda's failure and the fact that Hyundai's hybrids are infamous for being crap. They are barely any more fuel efficient over their non-hybrids models.
 #38139  by DesRado
 Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:22 pm
The Insight was the first hybrid car though (in the US). Toyota just took it a step further and made better progress from it. After seeing Toyota's success Honda brought the Insight back, but had lost ground by then and hadn't recovered before the car got the ax.
 #38168  by Fritz2
 Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:02 pm
I knew a guy who bought one of the original Insights. What a cool car! I thought he was crazy to pay 20k for a subcompact. He delivered medical supplies between Charlottesville and Richmond(VA), and got 77 mph! Changed my mind in a hurry! It was perfect for his needs, but I doubt most around towners saw much better mileage than a contemporary Civic or Geo Metro would have provided. These kinds of cars, like the current hydrogen car, are kind of like the space race was. Not so much about profit as they are about developing needed technology. In my humble opinion.
 #38178  by DesRado
 Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:40 pm
[Insert Elio comment here] A car designed to be the "second" car a person has. The one all the errands are run in. All for just under $7000. Up to 84 mpg highway

I almost reserved one back when there were only 5-600 reservations, now look at it. Crazy...