2011 Suzuki Kizashi Turbo

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SamirD wrote:
KuroNekko wrote:I find it surprising that a modded Kizashi like that would be off of the radar on this forum. The kind of people who would mod it/own it are the kind who would be all over online owner forums, in my opinion.
The original owner looked like he was really trying to offload it since getting the GC SRT8 (a rather badass SUV, I must say).
Given the lack of any forum involvement related to the car since over 2 years ago, I'm kind of thinking the car is no longer around. Maybe totaled in an accident or the engine exploded. Who knows. Regardless, aftermarket turbocharged cars typically don't appear to have much of a life expectancy from what I've seen.
I've found there's several very nice modded cars in HSV where the owners have no forum presence. It's not too uncommon as people are now aware of their 'online footprint' and how their car can get stolen if popular and not secured on a regular basis.

I once met a guy with a beautiful red 11s (1/4 mile) Mitsu 3000GT vr4 at a gas station. He just built the car for the fun of it and drove it to work. You almost wouldn't know unless you looked at the exhaust tips. :drive:
Agree not everyone wants to post online. The cars looks awesome compared to mine. Haha

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johnhenrydale wrote:I'm extremely curious about where this turbo'd Kizashi is now and how its doing. if you have any updates, please share!
Same.. probably cooked the cvt

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Welcome kentonhills !

It's been nine years since this guy was last on the site, he's probably five cars down the road by now.

I'd guess his body kit came from Road Race Motorsports https://roadracemotorsports.com/store/, they were pretty heavy into Kizashi when they first came out, lost interest pretty quickly as the rest of the world did.
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