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 #46469  by Speed_Racer
 Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:29 pm
I wanted to give a quick initial impressions review on a new set of tires I just put on the Kizashi - the General Altimax RT43. These were purchased to replace BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 high-performance summer tires that had reached the end of their life (at only 20k miles). Aside from excellent grip, they had short tread life and were LOUD at all speeds. I was not sad to see them go.

The Altimax RT43 is a V-rated grand touring all-season. First impressions are very good - they are very smooth-riding, quiet tires which is a welcome relief for me. Performance in the dry and rain is good. They are softer than the BFGs and you can tell when driving them. This leads to a little deadness on-center and slower cornering reactions. At the edge of grip they lose traction predictibly and without drama. There's a bit of squirm in mid-corner bumps due to how tall the treadblocks are - this should go away as the tires wear down.

Snow performance hasn't really been tested since we're having a mild winters but I'm sure they'll perform like other all-seasons: manageable, but nothing like dedicated snow tires. I got them for $150/ea at Discount Tire (235/45R18), and there was a $70 rebate going on this month.

 #47901  by redmed
 Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:32 pm
Do you still like them?