15mm sway bar bushings

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Ive got some annoying clunking that's supposedly attributable to worn out sway bar bushings on my 2012 Kizashi. The problem seems to be that I can't find any replacement bushings. I did want to use the Moog bushings but they (Moog) weren't clear as to which one would work. Does anyone have any suggestions or defined part numbers for the Moog bushings? Thanks in advance,
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If the sound is clunking, I'd inspect the sway bar end links and the shocks. Worn sway bar bushings make more of a squeak sound in my experience. Nonetheless, it's the universal parts from Moog you need to use.
I have the RRM sway bar and when those bushings wore out, I got the Moog universal 19mm bushings, which were far better. Perhaps the 16mm universals will work to replace the OE ones but I can't attest to them.
https://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/u ... shings.asp
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In my case, it was the end links.
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If I needed a replacement for the 15mm stock parts, I would probably try the Prothane 19-1103 (or 19-1151 if you want a set with a grease fitting) universal set. Spec on them is 9/16" (14.3mm), but the Prothane bushings are ribbed on the inside, and should squish down the extra 0.7mm without much of an issue. The other issue for a universal bracket set is the hole spacing, which is approximately 2.25" in the stock bracket. That prothane set has slots for 2" - 3" spacing (many other makes and styles the tightest spacing is about 2.5" )
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