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 #5569  by salerch
 Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:10 am

I work at a Suzuki dealership in Aurora, CO: Shortline Suzuki/Hyundai/Subaru. We are selling our leftover 2010 Kizashi's for $4700 UNDER MSRP. We have 9 SE AWD Kizashi's, and one GTS AWD. If you are interested, email me at or respond to this thread. There are no qualifications for the discount other than $1,000 of it is given if you get financed through Suzuki. If you buy cash, or have your own funding, the discount is $3700.

As you all know, these are great cars, and this is a great deal! Again, there are no stipulations for the rebate other than $1000 of it comes from financing through Suzuki. $3700 of the discount is guaranteed!

Shawn Lerch
Shortline Suzuki/Hyundai/Subaru
580 S. Havana
Aurora, CO 80012
1-303-364-2200 x 128