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 #50679  by Zashi
 Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:37 am
Well my fellow friends you all need to pray for me...
I have a 2013 GTS with the good old CVT that I have replace once and now the new transmission is broken. unfortunately for me I was only given 3 years warranty one engine and transmission. I wish I had checked this forum before I attended this swap but I just didn’t plan to buy another CVT transmission. Very nice car but I am wish I had gone with the manual option.
With that been said I decided to go with the swap into a manual tranny. I got all the part that I could think of shifter, cables, 6-speed box, clutch pack, clutch pedal assembly and cylinder .

Day one into the swap ended well and I must say hats off to the makers because I got all the part from a left hand drive and my car is right hand drive. To my surprise most of the parts was just bolt on. Only modification was to the clutch pedal assembly. After installation I had a big gap between brake and gas pedal, nothing a little modification won’t fix. The body of the car had all the impressions for the clutch assembly and the transmission mount was a little off. Luckily the holes were already their to accept the manual transmission so I just had to shift the mount to the next set of holes :D
The car wouldn’t start because it complained about it not being in park. That I expected so I found and close the park circuit, now the car starts and drives
:drive: I just can’t get it to stop complaining about hill start, service transmission systems and bunch of other transmission related error. Worst of all it rev’s out standing but not when it’s in motion.
I have ECU, key and wiring harness from the manual car but not the push start and the immobilizer.
Tomorrow I am going to swap the harness & ECU, by pass immobilizer and try to start again. If you can think of anything that might be helpful please feel free to share. Thanks in advance :drive:
 #50680  by old tech
 Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:45 pm
First of all , hats off to you for attempting this . You are a brave man. Next , If you can successfully bypass the immobilizer , please post how. Im sure it would help many others. In the states the immobilizer brain is combined with the tpms system. Awhile back I posted what parts I swapped in order to get a car running again that the failed steering lock had been thrown away and I was to cheap to buy a new one. It may be interesting at least. Its titled 'A case of stolen identity'. The cvt to manual swap I was interested in doing one but I was convinced that I needed a complete wrecked stick shift car and never was able to find one before i started tearing into the jf011e and learning how to modify that very weak link primary and convert them from ball to long pin. From where you are now in your swap I would try just the ecm. It will I think have to be reprogrammed though . You would need from the donor car the bcm, key,and that missing immobilizer brain and steering lock to avoid the reprogramming I think.
 #50682  by SAEED_KIZZY
 Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:34 pm
there are 2 part number for kizashi ECM
1- 33910-57L00-000 for 2WD/4WD CVT
2- 33910-57L10-000 for 2WD/4WD Manual

I think some of symptoms described is related to this. about transmission warning in cluster I think this message send by TCM module to cluster.
 #50691  by Zashi
 Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:12 am
:drive: :drive: :drive: :D :D :D :arrow: :lol:
Day two was a total success, i got it running like a charm. I had to use the neutral switch from the transmission and the circuit from the valve body in the CVT transmission to get the ECM out of safe mode. Now the it Rev's like a beast....
 #50692  by Zashi
 Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:04 am
I just got back from a 50 miles test run and I must say that I am pleased with the outcome. I am a little disappointed with the 6-speed box as it doesn’t seems to be limited, correct me if I am wrong but it appears as if it’s only smoking the left front wheel. However the gears are strong, the box is soft and nice to shift. Kizashi feels like a totally different car ready for the road. I notice however that another error came up saying service key system and that prevents me from using the key fab to close up the car. If I disconnect and reconnect the battery pokes the key fab works but the error returns every time I for a drive. That’s something I will look at for day 3 of the swap.
I know that you guys want the details so let’s get down to what Really matters. If you decide to do the swap the CVT for a manual you may want to get everything from the donor car. Manual tranny, shifter, wiring harness, ECM, clutch pack, fly wheel, master cylinder, key fab, push start button, immobilizer and shifter cables. Or you can be crazy like me and keep the original setup from the CVT and use the neutral switch plus the circuit from the valve body to by pass the transmission errors. So you would have to put the neutral switch in park in order for the engine to start and the drive solenoid from the CVT valve body to get the engine to rev out. By pass the reverse circuit from the reverse switch to ECM an make run a straight run to the reverse light and you will be able to pop the clutch.
 #50821  by rossirob73
 Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:36 pm
Well done on making the change. Awesome.

How does the car feel down low out of conerns. Does it feel like it's got more guts.

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 #51011  by SamirD
 Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:00 am
Wow, someone finally did it! How does it feel? Do you think an LSD would help or be needed now?