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 #49516  by Harman90
 Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:42 pm
Someone cheated me sale this car to me he didn't mention this car water damage before and i have no odea about it how much water in but i read abput that hurricane flood in USA was very heavy so i guess its full of water everywhere. Car already have someone notifications in dashboard even working well but just 3 days ago got the gear problem now can drive but rpm going high with accelerate but speed very slow and engine sounds like explod but not going to high gear stuck in low gear only and manual shifting not working also like car locked in one gear only and jerkung when change gear
 #49518  by Ronzuki
 Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:43 pm
Anything above the wheel hubs, on a normal everyday pavement pounding automobile, is way too much water. In addition to the never-ending electrical issues, everything potentially (probably) ingested water through vent breathers. Trans, transfer case, rear differential, and engine via air intake if it was above the grill. As oldtech mentioned, water of any kind is extremely bad news...salt water, and it's game over.

Word of advice to anyone looking at a used car anywhere, no matter dealer or private... ALWAYS check ALL the seatbelt latches inside w/ a flashlight. If they went under water, they'll be cruddy and/or corroded INSIDE unless replaced. Especially the rarely used ones. No one is going to replace all of a car's seat belt latches on a flood spoof. People look at you funny when you're doing it, but who cares right? First thing the pre-sale inspectors look at on any vehicles that have come in to the auction from a flood ravaged area especially. It's a non-destructive quick check. If they even suspect flood damage, it goes on to a more thorough evaluation to confirm or deny. When the trucks started rolling in from New York and North Jersey after Sandy, the flood vehicles started hitting the auction block here hard. They've trucked them all the way up here from the gulf states after hurricanes in hopes of mixing them in and getting away with passing them off. Once flagged as "flood damaged" by the auction, it's public knowledge to all bidders and the bidding prices go WAAAY down.

The foreigners used to like to come over here and buy up used vehicles at the auction by the container loads to ship over seas.
This was very likely one of them.
 #49520  by old tech
 Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:13 am
If infact it was in a flood and water got to a dangerous level, this thing should smell pretty ripe by now. Lift that carpet and check that cheap grey matting. that stuff is hard to dry out completely and not stink. A telltale water mark can usually be found on the steel bracing under dash. If I could give you a glimmer of hope I would tell you to
1 Carefully undo rectangle connector under tranny mount driver side( tranny main harness), check to make sure its clean and dry
2.Find someone with a snap-on scanner and list codes on this thread.
3 Transmission computer mounted above your right toe and is silver with the name Jatco on it . Take lid off and check n for green corrosion.
 #49522  by Harman90
 Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:50 pm
Today i check with another workshop they connect computer and drive the car and he found the pulleys have no oil pressure and some code there but he didn't inform me what code and told me it is mechanical problem not electric and ask $800 cost but i didn't think it is mechanical problem then i went to another workshop they are gear repair experts and they lift the car up and open the under cover and found oil everything ok and told me its not mechanical problem then they call technician and connect again computer diagnose and said need someone very expert for computer fix cause this car have communication problem so cant find the exact do you know any sensor in the gear which responsible for gear shifting or something else i need to check.seems like this car will not work anymore cause cant find the problem.but who someone fix this after water damage only he can fix it again but don't know who was that.:facepalm:
 #49523  by Ronzuki
 Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:49 am
'old tech' seems pretty experienced and knowledgeable regarding these transmissions and has asked for the codes in an attempt to help you out. Whoever you had connect to the ECM should be able to provide you with the specific codes they read. My suspicion is, however, there are many codes, and of varying sources, causing multiple issues concurrently possibly masking the true nature of your "no-go" transmission situation... if this was truly a flooded vehicle. Comm errors would need to be resolved first as nothing else will work properly w/ the coms bus faulty. Water does not mix well with any aspect of automotive electronics and wiring unless specifically designed to do so unfortunately. Modern automotive electronics are not designed to be submersible.

Even if it wasn't a flooded vehicle, the other issue compounding your diagnosis difficulties is that a few systems in the car require the proprietary OE Suzuki scan 'tool' & software for diag. This would be a daunting task if the car were here in the U.S. where we still have a handful of Suzuki authorized Service Centers that theoretically still have the equipment and the 'support' of Suzuki Automotive for assistance. The Suzuki trained service techs here are all but non-existent. It's been 6 years since Suzuki automotive left the U.S.
 #49526  by old tech
 Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:27 pm
I will need trouble codes from both engine and transmission systems before I can give you any valuable advice to avoid wasting money . If a guess is what you want , I have 2 of them
1) You'll throw parts and money at it and it still will be the same.
2)You could probably change transmission and its computer from a good working car. Doing it this way you might be able to skip the need for a scan tool but I have not done this yet.